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Laptops are portable devices with their own power supply in the form of a rechargeable battery. These batteries only last for so long before they need to be recharged. The laptops use power adapters that plug into wall outlets for this purpose. Hundreds of different brands of laptops exist on the market and each one uses its own type and model of adapter.When it's time to replace an old adapter with a new one, research is required to find the right kind of adapter. When looking for laptop adapters, owners need to check the model number and the voltage and amperage requirements of their laptop.

This information is used to look for a compatible laptop adapter online. The voltage of an adapter needs to match the required voltage of the laptop. However, the amperage of an adapter can meet or exceed the required amperage. Laptop owners also need to get an adapter with the right connector type. The cylindrical connector tips are the most commonly used type for a laptop device. Another option is to look for a universal power adapter, which can adapt its power settings to the laptop and comes with multiple connector tips.

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